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Our Mission

What We Believe

At Spine and Sports Physiatrists, S.C., our goal is to decrease pain, promote healing, reverse disability and restore active and healthy lifestyles as quickly as possible. We believe that our patients honor us by entrusting us with their care. Thus, we promise to treat our patients with the utmost respect and provide the best medical care available. To implement this mission, we promise to follow these principles:
  1. Our physicians are leaders in the field of spine and sports medicine locally and nationally.
  2. Our physicians are continually monitoring state-of-the-art developments in spine and sports medicine.
  3. Our physicians are teachers, participating in the education of patients and other physicians.
  4. Our physicians and services will maintain the highest accreditation standards available.
  5. Treatment programs are individually tailored, taking into consideration the particular goals of the patient.
  6. We provide realistic assessments and encouragement for patients to return to maximum physical functioning.
  7. We appreciate the emotional as well as the physical aspects of illness and consider these factors to promote healing of the whole person.
  8. We transmit knowledge gained from teaching and learning to our staff and patients.
  9. Physicians and staff will maintain the utmost respect for our patients in thought, word and deed.